It may not be easy to stay in shape for the ones who go on a vacation in these summer days. There are buffets, high-calorie drinks, and people are not that much active on their vacation. In addition to these, if you have lost your balance after the Ramadan… Do not be afraid, these are not an obstacle to lose weight!

The desire to rest during the holiday period, getting away from busy work life, reducing stress, an increase in appetite after activities such as swimming can cause excess weight gain. Let me give you a little tip. If you can’t control your diet, be sure to check your weight by weighing yourself. If something goes wrong and you are gaining weight, it would be useful to consider the recommendations that I will give you shortly. Because the weight gained during this period can be easily lost in a short time with a healthy diet.

What should be careful about our diet after a vacation?

Increase water consumption as much as possible!
While the weather is getting warm, our need for water will increase to meet the loss of water in our bodies. Especially during this period, adequate consumption of water, which has a role in vital functions in the body is also very important in terms of health.

So, how does water consumption help us lose weight? It helps by increasing the metabolic rate, giving a feeling of satiety, and suppressing the appetite. Water has a great importance in preventing sagging due to muscle loss that occurs in rapid weight loss by consuming more protein and less carbohydrates than it should be. It allows the digestive system to work more regularly and metabolic wastes to be eliminated. It helps to get rid of edema in the body.

Remember, one of the best indicators of adequate water consumption is the color and amount of urine. A small amount of dark urine indicates insufficient water consumption. Urinating 6-8 times a day and clear urine color are indicators of adequate water consumption.

Eat slowly!
Eating your food fast creates awareness of scarcity in the body. It allows to eat more food and turn the consumed food into fat. When you eat slowly, your body does not need to store what you eat with the awareness that food is coming into the body anyway. Only 20 minutes after you start eating, the satiety signal reaches the brain. When you eat fast, you will be eating more food than you need, until you get the signal of fullness, and you will unnecessarily bloat your stomach. By chewing the food well and consuming it slowly, you will consume fewer portions and reach satiety.

Never skip meals!
Generally, most people think that they will lose weight by not consuming any food and they prefer to skip meals. This method is very dangerous and unnecessary. By not consuming food, you may seem to have taken in fewer calories and lost weight instantly, but you will also slow down your metabolic rate. In addition, as you skip the meal by not consuming anything, your blood sugar will drop and you will tend to eat more and prefer unhealthy foods for the next meal. Again, you shoul remember the overeating tendency, which will occur until the next meal after a long-term hunger.

Do not skip snacks!
It is very important not to skip snacks in order to keep your blood sugar balanced, to prevent you from getting hungry and eating too much at the next meal. Another important part is that frequent eating habits will increase your metabolic rate. And as a result, you will lose weight. For sure, what kind of foods you consume as a snack is very important. Consumption of sugary and fatty foods, called junk food, results in weight gain. Examples of healthy foods such as fresh fruit, walnuts, raw hazelnuts, raw almonds, unsalted peanuts, grissini, ayran and yogurt can be consumed as snacks.

Control sugar consumption and choose foods that contain healthy carbohydrates and protein!
Sugar is the one of the leading causes of weight gain. Sucrose, honey, jam, grape molasses and confectionery can be given as examples. Studies have shown that sugary foods increase blood sugar quickly and increase waist fat. In addition, such foods do not provide satiety because they are not fibrous. On the contrary, they show earlier signs of hunger because they disrupt the blood sugar balance. For the purpose of rapid weight loss, diets that do not contain carbohydrates should definitely not be chosen.The amount of carbohydrates to be consumed varies from person to person on a daily basis and carbohydrates should not be consumed less than this value.

Foods including protein cause an increase in metabolic rate and increase the body’s energy expenditure. You can increase fat burning in the body by choosing high quality and satiating proteins such as eggs, yogurt, milk, cheese, meat, chicken, fish and legumes.

Fruits are not as innocent as they seem!
As fruits contain fructose, it includes a type of sugar that has a high glycemic effect and is digested quickly. Excessive consumption can also prevent weight loss by causing frequent hunger, desire to consume more sweets, and high blood sugar. However, fruits have health benefits in terms of lowering cholesterol and regulating the digestive system, at least 2 servings of fresh fruit a day should be included in healthy weight loss programs.

You should support the weight loss process with exercises!
Regular exercise increases energy expenditure, regulates happiness hormones and supports weight loss by suppressing appetite. You can increase your metabolic rate and support fat burning and weight loss by choosing 30-45-minute walks, swimming and dances such as zumba with intense movement 4 days a week.

Hold on tight, now I’m giving you our recipe that will help you lose just a few pounds you gained during the vacations!

We said that it is vital to meet the fluid needs in the summer period. In order to balance the electrolytes lost with sweating in the summer months, we make a mixture that is more efficient and accelerates your metabolism with a few additions to natural mineral water.


1 cucumber, 1/2 slice of apple and its skin, 1 handful of spinach, 1/2 lemon juice, 1/2 bunch of parsley and 2 bottles (400mL) natural mineral water


Put all ingredients in the juice machine and divide equally into 2 glasses. Then you can add 1 bottle of mineral water to each glass and serve with plenty of ice.