1. Privacy Policy

The data users share while using institutional website of FSM Healthcare Group/Companies or by given by coming to institution with their declaration and “consent” in person can processed by us. Company, within the relevant legal legislation, provides administrative and technical cautions and proper security level to process personal data legally and prevent to be accessed illegally and with the purpose of conservation of personal data as data controller.

In this context, our company’ activities are conduct proper to internal policy and statutes that prepared for protection of personal data. Exercises done to raise awareness for Personal data protection legislation and prepared internal policy and statutes in this direction, declaration and commitments are taken from our employees and data processors in name of our company about data privacy and protection, violation of these declarations and commitments is subject to certain sanctions. To prevent access of unauthorized people to personal data. Necessary information security measures are implemented and with control of sufficiency of these implements are at certain periods, constant advancement of current data protection system is aimed.

Personal information will not be shared with third party or company without consent of person or unless there is a legal obligation. If our company will work with other organizations to receive support services, it will be ensured that other organizations comply with our privacy standards and conditions. As per legal legislations, all the operations our employees and/or people we provided services are stored in secure environment fully and properly. Presented information without informing the customer if requested by the legal authorities is not shared with third party person in any way.

In case purpose of processing personal information are over, by FSM Healthcare Group/Companies ex officio or with data subject application and by using different techniques with the request of data subject, information will be deleted. exterminated or anonymized. In case of deletion of personal information in mentioned methods, this data will be destroyed in a way that cannot be restored or used again.

Information that processed to conduct our company’s activities, kept in physically or electronically within appropriate time safely. Yet, in cases where data controller has legitimate interests, data may be kept for the maximum period proposed by the legislation, if it does not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subjects, despite the expiration of the purpose of processing and the period specified in the relevant laws. After the expiration of aforementioned period, personal data will be deleted, exterminated, or anonymized.

Our institution reserves the right to make changes without notice in order to keep our Privacy Policy up to date and in line with the relevant legislation. In case of changes in Privacy Policy, updated policy will be published in our website. This policy was last updated on 17/11/2019.



  1. Cookie Policy

Website Cookie Clarification Text

Last updated date: 17/11/2019

About the Clarification Text

As FSM Healthcare Group/Companies (referred as “corporation“), we use cookies to improve your visitation experience in online channels. Use of these technologies performed according to law we are subject to and the Law of Protection of Personal data no 6698 (“Law”).

Purpose of this Clarification Text, is to provide information to site visitors (“Data Subject”) about the processing of personal data using cookies during the operation of our own website www.fsmtip.com (“Site”). In this Text what types of cookies are used for what purposes and how these cookies can be controlled are explained.

As FSM Healthcare Group/Companies we can renounce the use of cookies, can change their type or their function or add new cookies. Thereby we reserve the right to change this Provisions of the Clarification Text. All kinds of changes on current Clarification Text will be effective after being published on site or any public media channel. Las updated date can be found at the beginning of the Text.

Which Cookies are Used for What Purpose?

In General

We use Cookies to improve your user experience and to make most of our website. If you do not prefer using Cookies you can delete or block them at your browser settings. Yet we would like to remind you that this can affect your use of our website. Unless you do not change settings on your browser it will be assumed that you accept cookie use on this website

Cookies are small text files stored on your device or network server that provided from websites you visited.

Main purposes of using Cookies in our website are:

To perform the basic functions for the operation of the site. For example, logged-in users do not need to log in again while visiting different pages in Site.

To analyze Website and increase the performance of the Site, to determine existing servers and bandwidth are sufficient, determination of Site density at certain time intervals accordingly to increase user experience by making system improvement settings.

To increase functionality of the Site and provide ease of use. Keeping previous actions and queries in this way, username information or search queries are remembered on next visits. Sharing on third-party social media channels that may be of interest according to the visitor’s movements.

To ensure the legal and commercial security of the Website, you, and our Company.

Types of Cookies used on our website

Session Cookies

Session Cookies are temporary Cookies used during our visitor’s visits to the Website and deleted after the browser is closed.

Purpose of these type of cookies is to ensure that Website functions properly during your visit.

For example, it provides you to fill out online forms consisting of multiple pages.

Persistent Cookies

Persistent Cookies are used to improve functionality of the Website, to provide faster and better service to our visitors.

This type of Cookies is used to remember your preferences and stored on your device via browsers.

Some types of Persistent Cookies can be used to provide you special suggestions according to your interests.

If you visit our website from the same device again, with Persistent Cookies it is checked whether Cookies are generated by our website, if there is, it is understood that you visited before and content that will sent to you determined accordingly and, in this way, a better service is provided to you.

Customization Cookies

Cookies that used to user preferences of different pages of different websites. E.g. remembering of your chosen language preference.

Analytical Cookies

Analytical Cookies are Cookies used to generate analytical results such as number of the visitator of website, detection of the pages viewed on website, website visitation time intervals, scroll movements on website

Mandatory Cookies

Use of certain Cookies are mandatory for our website to function properly. E.g., authentication Cookies that activated when you log in to our site, is to ensure that keep your session active when you switch between pages.

Control of Use of Cookies

You have option to customize your preferences of cookies by changing settings on your browser.

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What is your rights as Data Subject?

In accordance with law and relevant legislation;

Learn whether personal data are processed or not,

Request to related information if personal data are processed,

Access and request to personal health data,

Learn if personal data are processed appropriately and used for their purpose

Knowing third parties that personal data is shared domestic or abroad

Request to correction of personal data if processed incorrect or incomplete

Request to deletion or extermination of personal data

In case, personal data is missing or incorrectly processed, asking them to be corrected and/or asking them to be deleted or exterminated from personal data, to request these actions are to be reported to third parties

Object to the emergence of an adverse outcome by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems

Request to removal damage, in case of damage due to illegal processing of data

You can hand in your requests and applications by;

Filling “Law on the protection of personal data” application form downloaded on  www.fsmtip.com website,

Hand to Kavacık district Misafir street No 1 34810 Beykoz/Istanbul in person or by notary channel,

Or You can forward to kozatip@hs01.kep.tr as a secure electronic signed, your registered electronic mail address or by your electronic mail registered to our website.

The Data Subject declares that if they demand to conclude any personal data cannot be used by company, they cannot be benefit fully from Site’s functionality and all kinds of responsibility that can emerge from this situation belong to them.


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