1. There are visit restrictions in intensive care units due to working conditions.
  2. Visits cannot be made without the permission of the doctor in charge of the intensive care unit.
  3. Shoe covers and disposable aprons will be given for you to wear on your feet while entering the intensive care unit.
  4. The relative of the patient can be visited once a day at suitable time for the intensive care unit, provided that she/he is a first degree relative in line with the permission of the physician who is responsible to the intensive care unit.
  5. If the visitor has flu, cold and/or any contagious disease, visits should not be made.
  6. Before the visit, clean your hands with the hand disinfectant. The disinfectant is intended to prevent microorganisms that can be transmitted from you to the patient.
  7. Never touch the mechanisms connected to the patient.
  8. Do not kiss your patient.
  9. Your phone must be switched off during the visit.
  10. It is forbidden to take photos inside the intensive care unit.
  11. Do not bring children under the age of 16 for visiting purpose.
  12. For our pediatric patients, the frequency of visits is scheduled at least twice, taking into account the age group, psychological state, nutritional needs of the child.
  13. During the visit, you may be asked to terminate your visit due to an emergency and examination that may develop in the patient. In such cases, please do not cause difficulties and end your visit.