Delta Hospital implements policies that increase the productivity of employees in line with the principles of right job, right time and right place in the course of human resources management processes.

Our Fundamental Principles in HR Management

We enlarge our team by observing the following principles in our recruitment processes.
These principles below are very important for the sustainability of our service quality:

  • Productivity
  • Humanistic Approach
  • Equality Principle
  • Assurance Policy
  • Privacy Policy


Our Recruitment Evaluation Process

The purpose of our recruitment and evaluation process is to recruit competent people who are innovative, believe in teamwork, open to learn and self-conscious, have the applicable behaviors, professional knowledge and skills for the position in line with our Human Resources Policy. Candidates are invited for an interview by evaluating the applications in Delta Hospital database and career portals for open positions. It is pre-evaluated by taking into account the knowledge, skill level, qualifications, competencies and experiences required by the required position.

Candidates evaluated as positive are directed to the relevant department managers to conduct the second interview. A reference search is made for the selected candidate, and then a job offer is presented to the candidates who are found suitable.