Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

In FSM Medical Center Aesthetic Surgery Unit, the desired treatment is given smoothly and in the most appropriate way by prioritizing the needs of our patients. All kinds of services regarding healthy beauty from head to toe are offered to you by our experienced and expert team. Aesthetic surgery is operations aimed at correcting deformities (accidental, congenital or as a result of diseases) in the human body. Our aim is to perform these surgeries by obtaining healthy, natural and functional results. For aesthetic purposes, surgeries are performed on areas such as the face, breast, abdomen, and legs. In addition to surgeries, we perform aesthetic applications such as non-surgical botox, filling and PRP.

Rhinoplasty: One of the most common surgeries we perform is rhinoplasty. In this surgery, it is aimed to have a functional and a natural nose that suits the face. We perform these surgeries by paying attention to points such as the harmony of the nose and face (golden ratio), having symmetry close to ideal, and shaping the nasal tip and back.

Blepharoplasty: A more relaxed and lively look is obtained by eliminating the deformity caused by sagging skin and fatty hernias on the upper eyelid. At the same time, the tired appearance of the patients is eliminated. Wrinkles and bags on the lower eyelid can also be removed by surgery. As a result, the patient might have a younger and more dynamic face.

Breast surgeries: They are performed as breast augmentation, lifting and reduction surgeries. The aim is to provide a breast shape suitable for body sizes. The points we need to pay attention to here are to perform the surgery without disturbing the functions and form of the breast such as nipple sensation and milk ducts.

Another surgery that we perform frequently is Abdominoplasty. In these surgeries, the sagging skin tissue that has lost its flexibility and the loosening of the abdominal muscles, if any, can be removed and made smoother by surgery. If the skin is tight and oily, surgery can also be performed with the liposuction technique.

Our patients often apply to us for ear aesthetic surgeries. Otoplasty can be performed after the age of 6, which is the process of completing the development of ear cartilage. The desired shape is given to the cartilages with an incision behind the ear.



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