Many patients are afraid of anesthesia and not being able to wake up after surgery. As FSM Health Group, our aim is to provide the comfort and safety for our patients during and after surgery. With the successful anesthesia techniques and experienced team of our hospital, it is ensured that our patients go to bed or home without any pain and complaints after the surgery.

The first condition for a safe operation is the evaluation of the patient by an anesthesiologist. Laboratory tests to be requested depending on the general health status of a patient who undergoes anesthesia examination are also very important. After evaluation of the results, the patient is prepared for anesthesia and the operation is started with the application of one of the determined anesthesia techniques. Thus, the risk of surgery is reduced to a minimum.

In our hospital, our anesthesiologist examines you before the operation and decides which anesthesia method is most suitable for you according to your medical condition. The final decision of the anesthesia is determined according to your surgery, the duration of the operation, your medical and surgical history, and your physical examination findings.

Even if our anesthesiologist performs the operation with local anesthesia while applying appropriate anesthesia to the patient, the anesthesiologist monitors all vital functions of the patient during the surgical intervention and intervenes involuntarily with drugs and instruments when necessary. He/she also regulates adequate fluid, blood pressure, and pulse.



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