Child Health and Diseases

Child Health and Diseases Department is the medical science field that deals with the medical care of infants, children and adolescents. Pediatrics deals with the health and diseases of children in general.

Children are the most valuable individuals who are carefully raised and educated for the future and all their needs are met at the highest level in line with the possibilities. Starting from birth, their needs increase and change every day. The child, who needs feeding, cleaning, and sleep at the beginning, starts to want love, attention, and games. These demands and needs increase with age.

The only issue that does not change with the growth of the child is the need to benefit from health services. The child should benefit from these services regularly starting from birth.


In our health group, in addition to providing sincere meetings with the family and the child, services are provided in a relaxing environment in accordance with child psychology.

In our child health and diseases department, the services provided for children together with preventive health services are as follows:

  • Early diagnosis and treatment services,
  • Evaluation of the newborn baby starting from birth
  • Congenital diseases, regular postnatal follow-up and control, vaccination follow-up,
  • Healthy growth development of children,
  • Nutrition, preventive medicine services, informing the mother,
  • Inspection, all kinds of examination, laboratory, imaging services are provided by our expert team.

Delta Hospital, which is part of our health group, is a baby-friendly hospital. All our nurses and physicians, including the gynecology and obstetrics clinic, explain the importance of breast milk to families. Mothers should feed their babies only with breast milk for the first 6 months so that babies can continue their physiological development in a healthy way.

They explain the importance of breast milk to families because feeding the infants with breast milk for the first 6 months is ver important in order to continue their physiological development in a healthy way.



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