The Mission of FSM Health Group is to improve quality life of society and to contribute to the development of medicine;

To be a health organization that offers preventive and reformative health services to the society in an advanced and integrated structure under the approrpiate economic conditions.


To provide exemplary, widespread and integrated service that can reach large masses by integrating the exceptional technology with expert staff and to keep satisfaction at top-level.


Respect for patient and employee rights,
To ensure patient and employee satisfaction,
Loyalty to medical ethics,
To be innovative,
Being us, not me


Achieving and maintaining excellent treatment and care services,

Developing ourselves by constantly questioning with a system which can be measured and evaluated,

To provide professional development and contiuning education opportunities.


To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization by constantly controlling our processes with departments and clinic-based improvement activities, to provide diagnosis, treatment and care services by keeping patient safety at the top level, to frequently improve our system with the opinions and recommendations of our patients and employees.


To provide reliable, economic and quality health services withour compromising ethical principles by using modern technology,

To provide the fundamental infrastructure and physical conditions to ensure the safety of our patients, their relatives and employees,

To realize and maintain national and international quality management system by taking into consideration the requirements and regulations,

To continiously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system with trackable and measurable data,

To offer our employees the opportunity to improve their professional knowledge and competencies, behavioral skills and leadership qualities through training and self-development opportunities.