Quality Department is composed of Quality Management Director, Quality Management Assistant Director (Documentation Officer) and department quality officers. Department performs in an integrated manner horizontally with the Health Care Service (SBH) Manager, vertically with Business Manager, all departments and Department Quality Officers.

Our hospital organises services in compliance with the quality standarts determined by the Ministry of Health and carries out improvement operations in this regard.

Quality Department carries out the following activities:

  • To ensure the execution and coordination of all in-house services under the guidance of Health Service Quality Standarts(SKS),
  • To coordinate the operations within the framework of SKS,
  • To follow up the operation towards corporate objectives and goals,
  • Managing and performing self-assessments,
  • Managing the process related to Security Reporting System,
  • Managing the process related to risk management
  • Managing operations towards measuring patient and employee satisfaction (such as surveys, evaluation of survey results, improvement operations towards survey results, receiving feedbacks from patients and employees),
  • To ensure the management of documents.